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The ikklefellas studio was built in 2007 and was constructed specifically for the production of Electronic Music.

We work with most popular DAWs (digital audio workstation) including Cubase Pro 8 and Ableton Live 9 with a range of plugins including Sylenth, Massive, FM7/8, Battery 3, Spire, NEXUS2, Antares Vocal processing etc.

Whilst we mostly work with plug ins these days, we also have a number of hardware synths including:
Hardware Synths
Yamaha Novation
Yamaha CS6x
Yamaha CS1x
Yamaha TX81z (yes, we only keep it for preset C15, you know what i mean)
Novation A Station
Novation KS4
Novation Drumstation 
Roland Oberheim
Roland JP8080
Roland U20
Roland D110
Roland Super JV1080
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Akai S3200 sampler (as sometimes nothing else will do)   

The studio is in two sections and features a mixing/control room and a performance room with a range of microphones and outboard compressor/limiter effects.
We can produce or finish your project or produce audio advertising too.

ikklefellas  also has a video production facility, we can story board your video, shoot it and edit it, using Final Cut Pro X and host of other goodies!