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ikklefellas create radio adverts for organisations, promoters, telephone hold messages, clubs and events.

With our standard package, we provide up to three versions of each advert, to provide a more professional structured fit with timelines and event requirements. For example, we create ads which start "on DAY of MONTH...", "This week..." and "Tonight..."

Some examples:

Name Play Size Duration
Radio Ad - Subconscious - Richard Durand - This Thursday
0.9 MB 0:30 min
Radio Ad - Subconscious - Richard Durand - Tonight
0.9 MB 0:30 min
Radio Ad - Subconscious - Richard Durand - 30th April, 2015
0.9 MB 0:30 min

We also create video adverts. Click here for some examples

It costs less than you think. Give us a call for a no obligation, free quotation on 1300 886 477

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