Subconscious Returns

Zebulon Treble's Subconscious makes it triumphant return after a long break to present Richard Durand at XL Superclub Adelaide. 

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"Under This Sun" - Zaa feat Leanne Thomas

The crew at ikklefellas collaborate with producers from all over the world and this track is a prime example of this.

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Ploutonis Remix - Track of the Month

Bam Radio has made Ploutonis' rework of Tritonal's "Lifted" feat Cristina Soto, its track of the month!

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Video Shoot - Aqua-Rium - "The Station"

Its been some time since Aqua-Rium's last track, 'No Use' hit the airwaves.

The Aqua-Rium team have been busy writing and recording and the next track from the project again features Kerrin 'Toddy' Todd on vocal duties.

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Tritonal "Lifted" (Ploutonis Remix)

Tritonal's 'Lifted' featuring the excellent Cristina Soto has been given a rework by Adelaide based producer, Daren 'The Fish' Herring, under the production name 'Ploutonis', with Resonance Radio DJ, Zebulon.

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